Why Estate Planning?

Caring for yourself and your loved ones

     Proper estate planning is more than just avoiding probate and saving taxes. It provides for your care, and that of your loved ones according to your instructions. It helps you to maintain control when others inevitably lose control as life and health changes.  

Preserving your wealth

     You will want to organize and preserve all that you have built over time. Will chaos and confusion reign in your absence at disability or death?  Proper estate planning helps you to minimize risks and maximize opportunities. It can also provide protection against creditors, catastrophic illnesses, and failed marriages.

Gifts that last

     Gifts build relationships. By being proactive, your gifts will become legacies that continue long after you are gone. Proper estate planning also minimizes tensions and disagreements among family members. Things will go more smoothly when they know what to do, when to do it, and how to pay for it. Proper estate planning allows you to pass your wisdom along with the rest of your wealth.

Take the first step

     Everyone wants to be a winner, but winning requires more than just good intentions and haphazard effort. Pick up the phone and make an appointment to learn more about how our Sideline to Sideline Planning Process can work for you. If you prefer email, click here.


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