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Fireside Chat #1 with Chris Godfrey

Sudden change happens. How will you prepare for it? This virus pandemic is a reminder that we should take care of unfinished business while we can. I have a copy of the Indiana Appointment of Healthcare Representative for you. Just click the “HCRep” button on the lower right corner of our Homepage. Please complete and sign it in front of a witness so it is ready to go if needed. It will give your loved ones the ability to get updates from the hospital and even allow a doctor to discuss your treatment options with them when you are unconscious. It might not seem like such a big deal, but it is. (For non-Indiana residents similar forms are likely available on-line from your own particulalr state).

Watch the short video my daughter Mary Grace just produced for us. She had to drop her fashion networking on behalf of her company Anagrassia in New York City because of the extraordinary measures being taken due to Covid-19. We are glad to have her home awhile and putting her many talents to work for us!


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